Released Games

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    2 Dive


    Created for the Ludum Dare 29 in 48 hours. The theme this time was 'Beneath the Surface'.

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    0 Surgeon Simulator Touch

    Surgeon Simulator Touch

    Following on the success of Surgeon Simulator 2013 for desktop, Bossa Studios decided to give a tablet version a go. We knew a direct port wasn't going to work so me and the other 3 original developers set to work seeing if we could get a version of Surgeon working with touchscreen controls.

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    0 Timecode


    My entry to the 2013 Molyjam (A Peter Molyneux inspired 48 hour game jam). Using a quote based on evolving musical soundtracks in games this hybrid action/puzzle/rhythm game was born.

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    0 Surgeon Simulator 2013

    Surgeon Simulator 2013

    Developed with 3 other guys at Bossa Studios originally as an entry into the Global Game Jam 2013 under the theme 'Heartbeat'. Now developed into a full title and looking to get it on Steam through Greenlight.

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    32 Europa Concept

    Europa Concept

    Europa Concept was made in just under 7 days for the 7DFPS challenge. It combines adventure, mystery and fps into a lovingly crafted demo.

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    1 Obsolescence


    Created in under 24 hours for the Ludum Dare #23 competition with the theme ‘Tiny Worlds’

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    0 Framework


    A puzzle & action hybrid made for the Edge Create Challenge 2012 in under 4 weeks

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    1 Covert


    Stealth Action game created in under 2 weeks for the Unity Flash in a Flash Competition

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    7 Come Home

    Come Home

    Not so much a game, more a game like experience based on a true story. Events are symbolic of moments in my life at the end of 2011.

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    0 Boom Bugs

    Boom Bugs

    Physics destruction strategy for iOS and Android! Help rid the forest of evil spiders by using explosive bugs fighting to protect their homeworld

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    3 AWOL


    With a heavy focus on atmosphere, this shooting/driving game was designed for the Ludum Dare Competition #21! Created in less than 48 hours.

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    0 Drop


    Drop is a musical reflection based puzzle game. Work your way up the chromatic scale through 36 puzzles and create unique music while you do it

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    5 Step Seq

    Step Seq

    More of a toy than a game, Step Seq is a music creation step sequencer type program. Designed for ease of use and ear pleasing results!

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    1 The Last of the Nyoms

    The Last of the Nyoms

    A game made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare Compo number 20.

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    0 SRL


    A game made in 7 days. This roguelike space adventure game has thick atmosphere and infinite replayability as you try to reach the top of the alien infested space ship!

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    0 Stratosfear


    Made for the Game Prototype Challenge v5. A 7 day prototype game based on the themes “Rising” and “Companion”. The gravity units on LV-427 have failed! You must save the drifting colonist before they leave the stratosphere and perish.

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    13 Surrender


    A hyper-speed development project; all out vehicular desert warfare in a sci-fi setting.