Step Seq v1.1 – introducing Step Net

Step Seq v1.1 – introducing Step Net

It’s been something I’ve been thinking about from the initial creation of Step-seq. An easy way for people to save, share and rate creations by others. On uploading to Kongregate I noticed they had a Shared Content API which was brilliant, with all the server work done for me but alas with no support for Unity… Also as I plan on releasing Step-seq for iPad and maybe other places I needed my own system. So here it is! I present Step/Net. (The slash is so it looks cool and techy)

Great… how do I use it?

I’m glad you asked! Let me explain. Every user has there own Step/Net area with room for 8 creations. (The reason I’ve limited it like this is to stop people spamming millions of versions of the same song every time they make a minor change).
From this window you can browse latest creations, highest rated, features, and organise your own collections that are accessible to everyone else.

From here you need to be logged into whatever service your playing the game on (Kongregate/GameCenter/Facebook/etc) to do saving and rating. So, if you are logged in, simply:


Uploading a Song
  • Make your song in Step-seq the usual way, add all the notes and pages you want.
  • Hit the Step/Net button
  • Hit the button labelled “Your Songs”.
  • Press the button labelled “Save Current Song to Step/Net”.
  • Type a name for your track and click “Save & Upload”.
  • It’s done! Your song will be viewable by anyone else who looks for it.
Rating other songs

Rating is even easier. When you click on a song from any list in Step/Net it will automatically load it and start playing… On the bottom of the screen you will see an info bar, and assuming you are not playing your own song, or are logged in, two buttons with a “+” and a “-” will be in the middle. Click + for songs you like and – for songs you don’t! Simples!

So get out and make some great songs, get your friends to rate them up so they can get in the highest rated… And I will regularly check some as featured songs so they will appear on the front page of Step/Net for all to see when they open it!