Quick Bites 03 : Player Prefs Editor

Quick Bites 03 : Player Prefs Editor

Have a project where you use a lot of PlayerPrefs? This might help you out. A simple Unity editor extension that allows you to view PlayerPrefs for the currently open project in the editor, edit them, and add new ones in a friendly window.



PlayerPrefs Editor Window

The editor should work on Mac and Windows versions of Unity, but because of differences in the way PlayerPrefs are stored in each OS (Windows uses the Registry, Mac uses .plist files in users Library), there may be some interesting behaviour exhibited that I haven’t run into. Do let me know if you run into anything odd.

Once installed you can access it from the Custom->PlayerPrefs Editor menu option.

It should be simple enough to use,  just remember, all changes made are not final until you hit the save button. If it doesn’t seem to be reflected in game mode, just stop and hit play again.

Download PlayerPrefs Editor