• Created for the 2013 Molyjam.
  • A music based action/puzzle game. 
  • Dynamic generative soundtrack.
  • Music tempo controlled gameplay.
  • 15 levels


For this years Molyjam, inspirational quotes were taken from the man himself. Peter Molyneux. I chose the following :

“I want you to think of the sword as a conductor’s baton. As you’re fighting, we’ll be introducing different musical elements, the more successful you are. And we’ll be upping the tempo of the music, the more abilities that you unlock. So you not only get more of a score, you get a cooler soundtrack.”

This led me to my ideas involving a procedural soundtrack. I composed a song on day 1 of the jame with 7 instruments and about 3 phrases for each. Using the new DSP features of Unity 4.1 I was able to create a system that creates an ever changing soundtrack by layering these sounds together in random ways and things remain in sync thanks to the sample accuracy of playing audio scheduled to the DSP clock.

Following this, adding musical elements to all the entities in the world and forcing the games actions to be performed on the beat of the soundtrack helps you to feel connected to the audio.