The Last of the Nyoms


  • Created in less than 48 hours
  • Ninja rope physics gameplay
  • Original cute music score
  • Collect lemons and kill spiko’s
  • Equip yourself a handy grenade launcher
  • Made for Ludum Dare 20
  • Powered by Unity3D


The Nyoms are a peaceful and cute species of spherical creatures. Although they are always hungry! They thrive on lemons and their supplies have run out. However as you are one of the rare Nyom’s with feet and hands, you’ve been tasked the job of fetching some more.
Throughout the land lemons are scattered however what interests the Nyom’s is the rumoured ‘lemon cart’ left unattended by a lemon farmer. A whole cart of lemons would keep all the Nyoms happy for years to come!
Use your ninja rope and grenade to fight and swing through the world and find the fabled lemon cart!
This was created for Ludum Dare 20. Which is a 48 hour game challenge, all content and code must be created by one person within the specified 48 hours. So it’s a pretty tough challenge, but produces some great work :)