Surgeon Simulator Touch



Following on the success of Surgeon Simulator 2013 for desktop, Bossa decided to give a tablet version a go. A direct port wasn’t going to work so we set to work making a tech-demo to see if touchscreen controls were a real possibility for this bizarre game. Myself and the other 3 original developers set out to see what was possible. Surgeon Simulator Touch was born. We re-built the control system from the ground up. Added new surgeries to take advantage of the more precise nature of the new control system, and added new mechanics such as the heart rate, defibrillators and anaesthetic to keep the high difficulty level Surgeon Simulator is known for.


You are the surgeon. Bob is the victim. Do your worst!

Take urgent care of the world’s unluckiest patient, Bob, with your very own shaky hands. As the would-be surgeon Nigel Burke, perform all kinds of crazy surgeries to try to save his life — or fail hilariously in the process while poor Bob… Well, dies.


In this spiffy version of the classic game, you’ll find:

  • The trusty Heart and Double-Kidney transplants;
  • Two new surgeries: Give Bob a smile with Teeth transplant, and a great look with Eyes transplant;
  • Feeling lucky? Abandon the Operation Theatre and try your hand on a moving trolley in the hospital corridors;
  • Brand-new control system: gone is Nigel’s left arm, in are your nimble fingers;
  • More than 50 new achievements to unlock and prove you rule;
  • Record and upload your botched surgeries anywhere you want (iPad 4 and up only);
  • Tons more we won’t tell you so we don’t spoil the surprise;
  • Multiplayer. Show your friends who’s the boss. It’s a good day to save lives.