Step Seq

- Sample accurate timing using DSP.
- Scale and key adjustment
- Editable reverb and delay (BPM synced)
- iOS / Android compatibility (Touch optimizations)
Full Step/Net cloud based sharing solutionto install on your own php/mysql server
- Customizable sounds via drag and drop
- Project guide to help you get started quickly
- Adjustable tempo range
- Well commented C# source code ( No dll’s, no js)

The Kongregate smash hit Unity app ‘Step-Seq’ is now available as a complete project with all source code and assets! 

Available on the asset store now for $65

Played over half a million times on Kongregate alone, Step-Seq is a revolutionary audio music creation package built around the concept of step sequencing. Without any musical knowledge users can build creations they can be truly proud of and call their own

Click here to try the current version of Step-Seq on Kongregate.