Scene View FX


  • Automatic fx matching of any camera in your hierarchy. No need for extra components.
  • HDR support in Scene View
  • Handy toggle switch to hide all your gizmos in the scene for a clean look
  • Easy access buttons sit right on the scene views toolbar
  • Works with all image effects, built in and custom
  • Real time update as you edit the selected camera
  • In FX mode, the scene view takes the background colour from the current camera.


After all my research into effecting the Scene View camera, I’ve finally made a plugin that incorporates all that I’ve done regarding this into an asset store package.

The differences between my free Quick Bites versions are this is much lower level, doesn’t rely on components added to scene cameras, it runs purely in the Editor namespace so nothing will be changed to your build, and allows the controls and options to be placed on the scene view toolbar. So here it is, the definitive image effects in your scene view plugin…

A replacement for your Scene View with a tightly integrated post processing preview. This shows you a much better view of what your game will look like. Simply open from the Window -> Scene View FX option, and use it instead of your normal Scene View. It’s as easy as that!

Keyboard shortcuts (editable in script) are :
P- Toggle post FX
G- Toggle hiding of all gizmos