• Created for the Ludum Dare 29.
  • A game about mystery and diving to uncharted areas.
  • Dive, collect, visit the shop and upgrade your vessel.
  • As an added challenge, this game was made whilst drinking ;)


The theme for this Ludum Dare competition was ‘Beneath the Surface’. This initially generated feelings of mystery and exploration. I took this to a logical and perhaps somewhat predictable conclusion and used a diving vessel exploring an uncharted lagoon.

The core loop revolves around upgrading your vessel from the treasure you collect each journey, and with every upgrade, subsequent trips can be made longer, can go deeper and explore further. There is also an ‘end game’ hidden deep within the lagoon, a treasure that is so big, it contains a mysterious ability.

The results for the Ludum Dare came in and I was really pleased landing in the top 30 for 4 categories including 20th place for Audio, 22nd overall and 28th for Mood. Especially good considering for the majority of the challenge I was drunk ;)