Cutscene Editor


  • Familiar interface to flash users.
  • Built on (and requires) HOTween.
  • Easily create multiple cutscenes with helper tracks for audio, orientation, camera switching (with transition effects), etc.
  • Caching of sequences to provide accurate event timings.
  • Works with Unity Pro & Free


Download and add HOTween to your project to use the Cutscene Editor.

Based on the work of Animator Timeline, by absameen,  and the following up keep from . I created my own fork of this project and updated the ui/ux and updated audio features.

Animator Timeline always seemed like a really promising cutscene editor, providing a familiar interface for anyone familiar with Flash using dope sheet style key framing and animation features that anyone used to tween engines will be used to. Consider it an animation window specifically geared towards cutscenes and you’ll be on the right track. Syncing audio to cutscenes is now easy thanks to visualising the audio waveforms within the cutscene window to perfectly align events and animations with audio cues.

The project is open source, so is not perfect. However I have been using it for a number of weeks and have found it robust enough for some small projects so far.

If you use it and make changes, consider making a fork so others can benefit from any improvements you might make.