Come Home



When I was four, I started playing the piano. I never had lessons but enjoyed fooling around – making up melodies with zero knowledge of music theory. After many years, music became my first port of call when it came to self-expression. At eighteen, I picked up my first guitar, and now, (over ten years later) I have a digital scrapbook of memories. A song for every major event in my life.

Most raw creation from musicians is driven by some memory of their life, a muse or a tragic event. I guess, in the last case, it’s a creative person’s equivalent of crying into a pillow.

Lately music has taken a back seat in my life. Replaced by creating games. In games I found something equivalent to the creativity of making music. Even though this game features a lot of music, I didn’t write it, I simply chose it, yet I felt more creative than when I wrote my own songs. With every choice, I’m shaping an experience that (hopefully) is greater than the sum of its parts. That is what my mind-set was when creating this project.

‘Come home’ is the first game-like experience I’ve made that is based on events in my life. Two years ago I would have written a song, but today I thought I’d try something different.

Although this is my first attempt to make a game with this kind of inspiration, the feelings throughout the process were identical to writing a song. The elation as the melancholy is drawn out of you while creating – the closure from physically marking the event as ‘happened’ and allowing you to move on, and of course, the joy of having created something from nothing.

In a way this felt more ‘raw’ than any song I ever wrote. Perhaps because the subtlety of the kind of music I made meant anyone could listen to it without knowing what it represents to me. With ‘come home’ the story is direct. Obviously it’s symbolic, but it is all there for anyone to see.

While making come home I felt like a movie director rather than a game creator. Everything involved cameras, cut scenes, and narrative, and it’s the first time I’ve done anything like this. So, much like the first song I wrote for my first crush over 15 years ago was terrible, I’m sure there are plenty of things that could be improved with this. But that’s seldom the point with these kinds of projects, we do them to landmark our lives, for self-preservation, to always remember while simultaneously to help us move on. In that respect I definitely achieved what I wanted to.

Now that’s out the way, I invite you to play and hope you enjoy the journey…