My name is Tom Jackson. I make games.

Map Screen GUI Screenshots!

Finally here is a few screenshots to peruse at your leisure. This uses no OnGUI calls as I hear they are pretty performance intensive and so for iDevices its a good idea to use other solutions. There’s a few out there and I went with GUISpriteUI. However I will discuss the ins and outs of [...]

GUIText Line Breaks

If you use GUIText for your text display in unity you may have noticed there is no wrapping. Basically it doesn’t act like a text area, where you can specify a width and it’ll wrap the text, it just runs across to infinity. So here’s a very rudimentary fix I came up with for my [...]

The galaxy, seemingly infinite

Thanks to some cool procedural techniques I’ve managed to get an infinite galaxy in the core with very little hit on performance. There’s a few things worth mentioning. Random.seed – in unity the random function can have it’s seed set through this setter before using any of it’s functions. This means     Random.seed = [...]

meet the cast of the core

meet the cast of the core

The races in the core’s galaxy have been finalized so here’s the lowdown… All races fall into one of two groups. Alien or Terran (Human). Human Races Serian : Free thinking individualists who believe in fair trading and are bartering experts. Don’t get into a trade war with a serian, you won’t win. PPC :Government [...]

Unity3D iPad?

Well it’s been announced that unity plans on supporting the iPad. So what does that mean if you want to begin development now? For “The Core” I’m going with unity for a couple of reasons. Firstly the announcement implies they are aiming for support as soon as the ipad lands (or very shortly after) Secondly [...]

iPad mock ups for actual size

1024×768 is the magic resolution for the iPad, however the iPads screen is undoubtedly a different dpi to your laptop. So, to get an “actual size” version, (for mockup of ui placements etc) in photoshop do the following; First up you need to find your screen’s native dpi. Use a dpi calculator such as the [...]

Project underway. iPad only notes

My first potential game will be a space trading / combat game called “The Core” exclusively for the ipad. I chose this platform as the iPhone would possibly have worked but due to the increased screen real estate of the ipad it lent itself to this project much better. Also as the ipad is reminiss [...]


Hello I’m quick fingers and this is my development blog. The purpose of this is to provide detailed real time updates about my games and experiments currently in progress and future developments. I will share tips and tricks I learn along the way and hope people that read this will be educated as well as [...]