My name is Tom Jackson. I make games.

full time indie! 7DRL Lets go!

I finally took the plunge and left the day job to try and persue a career in full time independent development! Cue the fanfare! I am very excited about the journey ahead, and as a nice introduction to the life there is a challenge running called the 7DRL. (7 day roguelike) which is at [...]

New Project Announced! : Tick Tick Boom!

New Project Announced! : Tick Tick Boom!

Hello! Surrender has been live for a few weeks now. Response has been generally good. I’ve learnt a lot and I will no doubt be re-visiting this project in the future to add much needed multiplayer and develop it further into a “proper” game worth paying for :) Now, about the present… I have started [...]

Surrender Released!

Nothing more to add. Visit project page here!

Surrender Update Week 5 : Alpha playable!

Hey girls and boys, big news, the Surrender Alpha is now playable here! I appreciate this update is a couple of days late, but I figured you could wait a few days in return for being able to now play the game :) “well thats great quick, but what have you actually been doing?” I [...]

Surrender Update Week 3!

Hello! It’s been a long week with a lot of work so I’m going straight to the completed features list (Video at the end for those with no desire for techy mumbo jumbo): A.I.! I finally got the troops shooting, evading and patrolling like good troops should. Was happy to get this one crossed off [...]

Kongregate Competition update 2

Alright! week 2 is in the bag, so let’s dive right in with what’s been done : (If you just want to watch the video scroll to the bottom of this post) Possibly most importantly… and not planned, the game now has a name. Titled simply “Surrender”, this will be how I will refer to [...]

Kongregate Challenge Update 1

Now for something completely different. Anyone remember the old 3DO / PC game called “Return Fire”. Well I’m attempting a modern remake, in a very short space of time Kongregate are holding a Unity3D development competition. (Information here) Simply make a Unity3D web game for their site and the best entry will get $10,000. So [...]

A Much Needed Update

Good day squishy humans! I am fully aware it has been far too long without a blog post so I thought I’d check in and tell you what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. I published a gameplay video in HD showing The Core in it’s current state. I got some good [...]