My name is Tom Jackson. I make games.

Drop. Creative Mode

Here is a preview of what I’ve been working on for the last few days: So what is going on here? This is an extension of the sandbox mode in the current version of Drop. I’m calling it, creative mode. The idea of it is to give players total control of the tonality of each [...]

Drop. Post Mortem

Right time for another post mortem. Drop. has been fairly successful on Kongregate, Stabilising at around 4.08 rating which means its sitting in 2nd place in the Project Eden contest behind Step Seq. So altogether I’m pretty happy with how its been received. The future of Drop is an unknown right now, there’s a million [...]

Visual Studio, Unity and Mac

Many of you are probably Mac users, Unity started out being a Mac only product. Up until version 2.5 I believe. This goes some way to explaining why I’ve found in my experience with both that it is a more stable product on OS X. I admit it might be my particular PC but therein [...]

Drop. Is Live!

Drop. Is Live!

Hello my friends, a game I’ve been working on for the past few days has gone live! It’s something I played around with a few weeks ago and made a little youtube video. But didn’t get round to working further on it until a few days ago, The idea is a synergy between physics and [...]

Step Seq v1.1 – introducing Step Net

It’s been something I’ve been thinking about from the initial creation of Step-seq. An easy way for people to save, share and rate creations by others. On uploading to Kongregate I noticed they had a Shared Content API which was brilliant, with all the server work done for me but alas with no support for [...]

step seq update 0.4

Okay guys, firstly some good news, the step-seq update has been live on kongregate for a little while and its been going down great! Lots of wonderful new compositions taking advantage of all the new features! Here’s a list of what made it into the update : Pause button! Editable percussion Extra tones for instruments [...]

Step Seq Now Live on Kong

Step Seq Now Live on Kong

My step sequencer that was previously unreleased has been officially… released! :) It’s been on Kongregate for under 2 days and already has 40,000 plays so I’m really happy with the response! I’ve added it to the Project Eden Music Competition as well. (A note to those playing already : thankyou to anyone that gave [...]

GPCv5. Day 3.5 Report

Okay! Day 3.5… That’s 50% of the time gone for the 7 day Game Prototype Challenge. Am I 50% complete on my prototype? …. Jury is out on that one but I think I’m in good shape as long as the motivation can remain high. A lot has changed since day one.. Now we have [...]