My name is Tom Jackson. I make games.

Come Home

A NEW IDEA I’ve been contemplating posting this for over 6 weeks now. It was a project I started on December the 1st and finished on December the 14th of 2011. A new type of project for me, and something I believe to be fairly unique in the gaming world. It’s a pretty personal subject [...]

Boom Bugs Released!

Title says it all :) Boom Bugs my physics based destruction game has officially been released on iPhone and Android, and the iPad HD edition is under review as we speak. After working solo on the project for a little while I collaborated with the guys at Playerthree and between us we finished it from [...]

Designing for iOS

I’ve been quiet recently, a lot of this is due to me focussing on a couple of key titles for me for iOS. One you already know about and one is totally unannounced. With all this work on little screens I was doing all sorts of UI and HUD design and one of the things [...]

Ludum Dare, Me and The Future

Last weekend I participated in the 21st Ludum Dare. The ultimate 48 hour game jam. The  competition phase is now underway and voting is taking place. My entry was called AWOL and information and play links are available on the project page. As far as how I felt it went. It was really smooth, even [...]

iPhone 4 Gyro Control in Unity

 The Write Up. This idea spawned from seeing an iPhone app called Cameraman for Maya by Wes Mcdermott ( The basic principle is you can use the gyro inside an iPhone 4 to record motion capture data. Really useful if you want to get an authentic shaky cam effect. I’ve been planning some larger projects [...]

Kongregate : My Experiences

For the last 6 months I’ve been pushing my games through Kongregate exclusively and as I recently won the Project Eden contest (with Drop.) I thought now would be a good time to share my experiences. So… if you’re unaware, Kongregate pays developers with a share of the advertising revenue earned on your games page. [...]

New Web Design!

I’ve just launched the new site design! Take a look around and see what you think. I really liked the old design but there were a few reasons that forced me to change it. Most importantly the site is wordpress powered, and the initial design was a very hacky implementation of a wordpress theme, nothing [...]

Doing it alone

One of the questions I regularly get e-mails about is my general work ethic. The one man army approach to game development is seen as I guess the holy grail of “indie”. No boss, no rules, only working to self imposed deadlines, ability to work naked. So, the question usually takes the form “How do [...]