GPCv5. Day 1 Report

GPCv5. Day 1 Report

Hey folks, I’m taking part in the Game Prototype Challenge v5 (GPCv5) and thought I’d try and post a day by day progress report, it’s a 7 day long challenge so similar to the 7drl, I really like the 7 day limit, just long enough to try something substantial, but not too long to get bogged down with too many fiddly details.

So the themes were announced at 5pm GMT and they were COMPANION and RISING. A short brainstorm with my other half started at balloons and ended with floating people. Shortly after came the full idea, and a name… so without further ado, I present to you….

In the late 30th century, after our incessant mining of Earths minerals, the human race has shifted it’s primary living area. Instead of a single planet, we now inhabit a cluster of tiny worlds, each with no more real estate than a small town. It seemed a more harmonious way of life, each planet its own little community where everyone knows everyone, and with everything self contained… Atmosphere generators, gravity simulators and mineral supplies there’s no real reason to contact anyone else. Except for today… Your colony LV-427 has had a major disaster. All 8 gravity simulators have simultaneously shut down and colonists are just floating to the edge of the stratosphere and immediately perishing. You have the only space suit, with its own rocket propulsion system and are the only one who can counter act the lack of gravity.

Your colonists are dying, your friends, family, everyone you’ve ever known for the last 20 years, and you can’t save them all.

So that’s the story! Now I started building a quick prototype and I’ve got a video to show where I am so far…

The movement of the player took the longest part of the first day. Getting the sort of circular gravity working along with making the flying / running / flying as seamless as possible was tricky but paid off in the end. I’m very happy with how everything moves. The next step will be actually carrying the colonists, I figured I should limit the amount you can carry at one time, and perhaps each one effects your speed. But that might make the gameplay frustrating, we’ll see.

Other ideas on the cards are having different levels of relationship with the people you’re saving, if you rescue family and friends you get more rewarded than say… rescuing the caretaker. But lose a family member and your will drops substantially.

Also we have to put these guys somewhere so need a safe spot on the ground where they can stay until help arrives.

Right that’ll wrap it up for day 1! Hope you’ve enjoyed it so far, I will see you tomorrow for Day 2′s video.