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A Much Needed Update

Good day squishy humans! I am fully aware it has been far too long without a blog post so I thought I’d check in and tell you what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. I published a gameplay video in HD showing The Core in it’s current state. I got some good [...]

The Core Planet Preview

Now for something interesting :) Showing in the video below is The Core’s planet surface mode. In this you control a little hologram drone and you can search for payloads on the planet. Some technical limitations of the iPad mean that I had to develop some interesting techniques to get a terrain. Unity has a [...]

The Core on a real iPad

This update is long overdue but I’ve been busy developing The Core. It’s hard doing everything by yourself! Even when you’re a robot from the future. So without further ado, the updates… I’ve been working on the combat game for a little while and finally have something worth showing. Also as a bonus this is [...]

Optimizing Unity Games for the iPad

As some will know I started developing the core before the iPad was available to buy. This meant a lot of guesswork in terms of rendering performance, draw calls, vertex count and all the other fun stuff you have to think about from time to time. This weekend just past I spent a good amount of time [...]

The Core Update (New Video)

After countless hours the galaxy has been fully populated. Now there are roughly half a million stars in the core all with unique planetary systems. The planets that are colonised all have unique markets, economies and tech levels allowing for an in depth trading game. A bit more about planets… Planets have been sorted into [...]

The Final Line Up For The Core

  Well here they are, some pretty, some ugly, some pretty ugly. The finalised 8 races are here!  

Map Screen GUI Screenshots!

Finally here is a few screenshots to peruse at your leisure. This uses no OnGUI calls as I hear they are pretty performance intensive and so for iDevices its a good idea to use other solutions. There’s a few out there and I went with GUISpriteUI. However I will discuss the ins and outs of [...]

The galaxy, seemingly infinite

Thanks to some cool procedural techniques I’ve managed to get an infinite galaxy in the core with very little hit on performance. There’s a few things worth mentioning. Random.seed – in unity the random function can have it’s seed set through this setter before using any of it’s functions. This means     Random.seed = [...]