Category : Quick Bites

Quick Bites 05 : Toggle ALL Scene View Gizmos

In my quest to make the scene view look as pretty possible, I stumbled across another issue… After lots of development, sometimes you find your scene starts getting cluttered up with gizmos. Having 3D gizmos scaled to a suitable scale really helps but sometimes I just want to explore the scene with nothing in the [...]

Quick Bites 04 : Scene View FX

Image effects now available in scene view with 1 simple script. Simply add the script to any camera you would like to have the image effects on in your scene view and voila! Enable / Disable the component to toggle the image effects in the scene view. Change properties and see the results in scene [...]

Quick Bites 03 : Player Prefs Editor

Have a project where you use a lot of PlayerPrefs? This might help you out. A simple Unity editor extension that allows you to view PlayerPrefs for the currently open project in the editor, edit them, and add new ones in a friendly window.   The editor should work on Mac and Windows versions of Unity, [...]

Quick Bites 02 : Local Syncing Projects

The following Quick Bites is only applicable to MAC people…  You might be able to get it working on Windows, but I have never tried so don’t blame me if it deletes your whole project. When testing multiplayer games, you generally need to simulate more than one client simultaneously. In Unity there’s no ‘Super Easy [...]

Quick Bites 01 : Color Extensions

Here’s a utility class you might find useful if you use a lot of Color’s programmatically. Unities Color class is good but something that’s bugged me is that the constructor only supports float parameters with a value between 0 and 1, and color’s are often used in different formats. The most common being Integer values [...]