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Scene View FX Released & New Site Area

To celebrate the launch of Scene View FX on the Asset Store, I’ve added a new area to my website labelled “Tools“. Here I’ll add projects that are useful in game development. Starting with my Step Sequencer, Cutscene Editor and Scene View FX. Take a look!

Surrender Redux Announced!

Surrender Redux Announced!

Today I announced my secret project I’ve been working on for a couple of months now. ‘Surrender Redux’ is a continuation of the Surrender universe that was the subject of one of my first games made as Quick Fingers. This game will be a full on realtime multiplayer action game featuring all the vehicles from [...]

Hey Internet…

Long time no see. How have you been? Its been so long since we last spoke I don’t know where to begin…Let’s start with whats been happening in the last few months…   Ludum Dare 23 There was another Ludum dare competition, this would mark there 10 year anniversary which is a pretty awesome thing. [...]

Visual Studio, Unity & Mac The Finale

Visual Studio, Unity & Mac The Finale

Aaah workflow. We meet again. Compared to most cross platform software,  Unity has a disproportionately high number of Mac users. Why? Because it began it’s life on the Mac. (In fact I (and I’m sure many others) only moved over to Mac because of Unity!) Now I’m miles more comfortable on my Mac I don’t want to [...]

The Quick Fingers Sleep Pattern

I was going through one my old note books from my 6 months as an indie developer and I came across a sleep diary I had made. I was tracking my sleeping pattern as it was pretty erratic and probably questionably dangerous. Judging from the position in my journal it was around the time I [...]

Covert Post Mortem

Covert Post Mortem

A couple of weeks before Christmas Unity dropped a public preview of the latest update to their engine. Along with this they announced a competition to make a game using a preview of the Flash exporter functionality. So I set to work making my entry, Covert.   Inception The game idea spawned from my love [...]

Designing for iOS

I’ve been quiet recently, a lot of this is due to me focussing on a couple of key titles for me for iOS. One you already know about and one is totally unannounced. With all this work on little screens I was doing all sorts of UI and HUD design and one of the things [...]

Ludum Dare, Me and The Future

Last weekend I participated in the 21st Ludum Dare. The ultimate 48 hour game jam. The  competition phase is now underway and voting is taking place. My entry was called AWOL and information and play links are available on the project page. As far as how I felt it went. It was really smooth, even [...]