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Europa – Driving Physics & Gameplay

Another Europa Video! The car physics in my Europa Concept were incredibly basic. I’ve spent a good amount of time refining the vehicle physics for the full game and this is the result. This does away with the built in physics engine in Unity and uses their pacejka tire model implementation instead. It’s good. Really [...]

Say Hello to Jupiter

Here’s a small time lapse video of Jupiter it’s inner dwarf moons and IO just happily floating in the skyline of Europa.  I recommend HD viewing so you can make out the rotating stars.

Europa Announced

I’d like to announce a new project I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. After a successful entry into the #7DFPS competition (Europa Concept) I received many e-mails and messages telling me how much people would like to see the game expanded into a full title so they could explore more of [...]