Who am I?

After public appearances and photographic evidence it’s been proven that I’m not actually a robot. I am in fact a part human who goes by the name of Tom Jackson.

I’ve been developing games since 2005 and started establishing my pseudonym Quick Fingers in March 2011. I currently work as a rapid prototyper in the day at Bossa Studios in London. Leaving my evenings free to develop whatever I feel like under my robot disguise.

Games have been in my life since I was around 4 years old when my Dad showed me Aqua Attack on the BBC. I’ve been hooked ever since. My favourite era of gaming is the Amiga/Atari ST generation and my A1200 was my most prize possession.

Outside of the gaming world (I’ve heard there is such a thing), I produce downtempo music under the alias Freshcut. I have a huge interest in astronomy and photography but more importantly the synergy of the two, astrophotography. In the future I hope to one day own this Takahashi Astrograph. (Donations gratefully accepted)