My name is Tom Jackson. I make games.

Sharp Game Ideas

Sharp Game Ideas

Press SPACE To Generate game ideas. A great tool for inspiration. Sharp Game Ideas is a port I made of “The Game Idea Machine” created by @beeglebug. It was originally designed as a Twitter bot but I wanted ideas on demand and it contained some of the most fun little ideas out of all the [...]

Quick Bites 03 : Player Prefs Editor

Have a project where you use a lot of PlayerPrefs? This might help you out. A simple Unity editor extension that allows you to view PlayerPrefs for the currently open project in the editor, edit them, and add new ones in a friendly window.   The editor should work on Mac and Windows versions of Unity, [...]

Surgeon Simulator gets the greenlight!

Today is an exciting day. Surgeon Simulator 2013 (the result of mine and 3 other chaps from Bossa’s entrance to the Global Game Jam) has been Greenlit by Steam for a full version! Thanks to some phenomenal and totally unexpected support we were greenlit on Steam in just under a month from first submitting our [...]

Europa – Driving Physics & Gameplay

Another Europa Video! The car physics in my Europa Concept were incredibly basic. I’ve spent a good amount of time refining the vehicle physics for the full game and this is the result. This does away with the built in physics engine in Unity and uses their pacejka tire model implementation instead. It’s good. Really [...]

Say Hello to Jupiter

Here’s a small time lapse video of Jupiter it’s inner dwarf moons and IO just happily floating in the skyline of Europa.  I recommend HD viewing so you can make out the rotating stars.

Europa Announced

I’d like to announce a new project I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. After a successful entry into the #7DFPS competition (Europa Concept) I received many e-mails and messages telling me how much people would like to see the game expanded into a full title so they could explore more of [...]

Quick Bites 02 : Local Syncing Projects

The following Quick Bites is only applicable to MAC people…  You might be able to get it working on Windows, but I have never tried so don’t blame me if it deletes your whole project. When testing multiplayer games, you generally need to simulate more than one client simultaneously. In Unity there’s no ‘Super Easy [...]

Quick Bites 01 : Color Extensions

Here’s a utility class you might find useful if you use a lot of Color’s programmatically. Unities Color class is good but something that’s bugged me is that the constructor only supports float parameters with a value between 0 and 1, and color’s are often used in different formats. The most common being Integer values [...]